Crazziness in a shell


In this world of technology, having smart cellphones and gadgets are all old school now when you could be wearing smart things all over you. Smart watches? No, that’s not what I am talking about.

Its Fashion and Technology. Sounds unusual isn’t it? Yes, fashion and tech together is wearable technology. Clothes that can act smart when you wear them, they can change color, they will tell you details about your physical activities throughout the day, and in a way can commend your daily activities or deprecate them. All speaking the language of numbers and units. Without you telling anyone, they can somehow perceive your mood.

Frankly, I never imagined my clothes telling me to do something!

And it is not a compact theme, but it has much more than you can think of. Let’s have a look at how many applications and varieties smart clothing has to offer you.

likeaglove leggings

These are intelligent leggings that can get you the ideal sized clothes, it takes measurements and links via bluetooth to your phone and filters your search results. So you have you wardrobe selecting friends with you!


lumo run

Smart running shorts can give you a real time coaching and feedback too. It measures your metrics including ground contact time, pelvic rotation and stride length. Also, some sports shoes can help you guide in your sport, by analysing the angle of your kick, strength needed, pressure on foot and run time, etc.


Connected shirt

Connected shirt is that’s laced with sensors. Along with monitoring heart rate, breathing and movement, it’s now fitted with a Bluetooth Smart sensor that lets you pair your fitness apps with it.

Data is captured in real time and gives all details like calories burnt, intensity and recovery and sleep quality.


Put on smart bra

These are easily wearable bras, which does not require any extra efforts to put on. These are fitted with sensors which monitor your breath rate, heart rate and even tells you when you’re ready to head back to your gym. And you can monitor all this on your handy phone.


Running socks

Smart running socks give you detailed analysis of your run, from running time to your calories burnt and running style. It has pressure sensors and are also capable of reducing injury risks. It looks to your Android device and various apps that you would use. That means, all your health data in your hands!

In range of smart socks, there are some cute little socks too. Your infant cannot tell you what’s going on in his heart? well these socks would!


Contactless jacket

It features contact-less payment, with a double fold design to hold cards in the cuff. So you can just pay by your cuff, no efforts! Also your card is safe there!


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