Crazziness in a shell

A diet for the mind and food for the soul

“A healthy mind breeds a healthy body and vice versa!” – Zig Ziglar

In a world where a healthy and fit body is what everyone of us strives for, have you ever thought of having a healthy mind?

A fit body not only enhances how we look, but it can also enrich our day-to-day life. But when I say a healthy mind, or ‘A diet for the mind’, what comes to your mind? How can we have a diet for our mind?

We all have a diet for our stomach or our body which we fulfil by eating our daily meals and doing physical workouts. But do you have a diet for your mind? Having a diet for your mind means, giving your mind a delicious meal(meaning what you put on your mind), a good exercise and sufficient rest throughout the day and it is as important as your body diet.

Our mind is the quintessential garden which our life is an appearance of. The better you care for the garden, the better it will look in appearance. And when we put equal efforts in taking care of this garden, we improve our way of life. Because our mind is the control centre of anything and everything that revolves around us. If we strive to live a better life, we ought to improve the diet we give to our minds.

So what is the diet that I am talking about?

Well the breakfast can begin with some positivity and ambitious conversation. This involves creating a morning routine of talking to yourself. Talk about what you want to be, what your aspirations are and don’t forget to tell yourself that you’re awesome 😉 . And believe me when I say that whatever you bring into the light of your consciousness every morning has an imperceptible effect on the outcome.

Proceed the day with a heavy-heavy lunch of knowledge and learning in the day. This learning will give us all the nutrients our mind needs to stay healthy, just as a lunch would do to our body.

And when the day is almost over, READ.

Reading is to our mind what exercise is to our body, so read to give your mind an excellent exercise. The more you read the more it will strengthen, and so it’ll become strong and healthy. So remember to read good books, because a good book has a superpower to give us a new positive perspective, that can keep the negativity out and it can bring the good thoughts in.

A thought is like a seed, one should always have the good ones. Because you wouldn’t want a poisonous tree to grow. And keeping the negatives out of our mind and bringing in constructive thoughts is as important as wiping out the weeds off plants and planting the right seeds.

At last here comes the time to rejuvenate. ‘A rest to your mind’.

Meditation to our mind is what sleep is to our body, we sleep because we get tired and our body recovers to gain more energy. But we often forget to put our minds at sleep, our heads are working 24×7 even when our body is at rest. With a tired mind, we lack our highest potential. So in order to relax our minds, meditation is a must. It helps us put aside all of our worries and excitement and just let our head have a wonderful nap so that we have a fresh and energetic mind each day.

And the dinner is called gratitude! It is the least practiced, but most crucial diet for our mind. At the end of the day, take your time and tell yourself what all things you are grateful for. Thank yourself, thank the universe for all the blessings showered upon you in the form of friends, family and various opportunities for the betterment of yourself.

With these small efforts, we can improve your way of life before you know it.

As it is truly said, “Having a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body”, because health is a complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. So make sure you don’t miss out on having a diet for your mind too.

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