Crazziness in a shell

A “surprise” interview

So we have been in talks with another company whom we’d like to enter into partnership with – so basically scheduled a call with one of his friends who owns a tech company too.

And where I assumed it to be a normal discussion – it turned out to be a Surprise Interview ๐Ÿ™‚

Though I am not sure how it went and but it was a good discussion and eventually it made me realize – how “off the track” I am in terms of technology, where I used to be quite adept at everything.

Yes, itโ€™s a good learning for me, it has indeed boosted my confidence and you know any such happening make you in a better person. Because then you know that you could handle it well, but you could have handled it better, you can analyse the gaps and you can start learning and update yourself with know-how of latest in the industry.

Although I am positive and ready to accept whatever is the outcome of the meeting held today, or rather the “interview” – may be it further strengthens their confidence in me. For what I know is I was clear about what I knew and what I did not, and portrayed it well. I don’t the odds, but the chances of winning are of course high.

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