Crazziness in a shell

I misplaced the key to the door of life

How strange it feels to see yourself from a distance and realize – ohh, who are you? What are you doing here? The aching heart doesn’t even know the tunes

There is no world outside of you, and there is no life in this world

Amidst a cornucopia of thoughts Filled with varied emotions Only one being consistent, rest being cohorts Is the void of love   A strange calmness on the outside And a

Win me over

He has lost me for no reason But he needs to win over me again Though he doesn’t know yet   The noise inside has risen so much to now

Ahh! The wandering mind!

Blooming flowers all around with a nice smelling Jasmine just behind, the world looked beautiful and so was the moment. Sipping some coffee and cuddling in someone’s arms, talking life

We really should change our thinking!!

Well, so here goes my first write-up in this section. Although, it explains some of the things which many of you might be feeling right from childhood, but now is

The Virtual Hell for Women

A perfect morning it could be, I was waking up thinking of my new ventures ahead. But, I opened my eyes listening to my friends discussing the “another brutal rape

Pick yourself up and get back on the horse

While surfing through the net one fine night, and being in a whirlpool of thoughts, I was having a fight with myself. Being a young entrepreneur, the challenges I face

How to always stay positive?

Staying positive is as important as staying alive. This is what makes your life worthwhile, so its crucial to pay equal attention to your mind’s cultivation of thoughts. Well, many

What to do when you don’t feel like doing anything?

There must be times when you felt like doing nothing? Do you think its something good? There is hardly any person who never felt like this, irrespective whether the person

The funny thing about life

Most of us have experienced this some or the other time in our life, whether in small things or when pursuing bigger goals. So what’s funny about life? I’m a strong