Crazziness in a shell

Yes India is progressing, but are we able to change our mindset too?

Its definitely not something new to most of the girls especially living in Delhi to hear something that compels you to rethink your situation in the society! It happened with

What it means to be unstoppable?

Success demands that you be fearless and unstoppable! While we all have been hearing or reading about how to dare and follow your dreams, but in reality “being unstoppable” is

A woman does not need a supporter, instead she needs a partner

Okay, so from the title of this post, you may not be very clear about what it entails? So lets begin with a very common everyday hassle a woman has

When you know what’s right for you, and the world thinks you don’t

Have you ever been through a situation where you already know what is right for you, and what you should be doing exactly, but somehow you are unable to, and

A “surprise” interview

So we have been in talks with another company whom we’d like to enter into partnership with – so basically scheduled a call with one of his friends who owns

What to wear when nothing brings you to the right mood

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Would you gift a “kitchen set” to a boy?

Well, this may be one of the very obvious questions I am asking you today, and I assume most of you would answer “No” to it. But if I change