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What it means to be unstoppable?

Success demands that you be fearless and unstoppable! While we all have been hearing or reading about how to dare and follow your dreams, but in reality “being unstoppable” is a lot more of strategy than of feeling or desire. 

There are times when we become dull and lethargic, well let me tell you that you can change it, yourself in a few minutes itself. Its completely okay to feel so, everyone does, specially if you are trying to achieve something in life. There are 2 major reasons why this happens

  • You do not have clarity about what you want to achieve in life

  • You are not confident that you will be able to achieve the goals you have set

First, its very important to understand that one of the most important things in life – that brings in motivation, confidence and the enthusiasm is CLARITY – a big time ignored aspect by most of the people. They don’t realize it until they have it. This is essentially the reason why most of the people keep on performing at their mediocre levels instead of high.

What does clarity mean?

Its being absolutely clear, like crystal clear about what do you want to become in your life. A classical question we have been asked every time when were kids. But to truly answer that and have that picture in your mind changes everything.

Like Paul Arden rightly mentions – “Your vision of where or who you want to be is the greatest asset you have. Without having a goal it’s difficult to score.” 

Of course, its not that you need to have complete clarity of all the years ahead in your life. But you must know what you are going to do in the short term – i.e. next 3 months, 6 months and upto next 3 years.

To achieve the impossible, to realize the outcomes you have always wanted but haven’t been able to yet or may be you want to reach another level and excel in a new area. The most important ingredient is getting extreme clarity about what you want, that’s how you actually become unstoppable. So how do you do it exactly?

Well, here are the 5 strategic steps you could follow:

  1. Being aware – Knowing your goals very well, defining a very clear and measurable goal
  2. Research – Find out who have already achieved it – Study, research and compile and create a plan
  3. Plan – Divide your plan into 8 major parts and break down further into weeks, define how many weeks you need to achieve each part
  4. A small step each day – Taking 1 small step each day towards your goal and reflecting at the progress at the end of each week. Remember, everything has to be a weekly affair. So you also give yourself the required rest at the end of every week. When you consistently work towards your goal each day, you move a little towards success every day.
  5. Reflection – Review your progress every week, and after you finish each part, and re-plan if necessary

Once you are able to get hold of the 5 steps mentioned above, you are there 90% already. But to achieve the rest 10% its very important to keep yourself motivated throughout the journey. Develop a habit of reading good articles, or listening to podcasts every week to ensure you don’t lose the inspiration. 

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