Crazziness in a shell

The funny thing about life

Most of us have experienced this some or the other time in our life, whether in small things or when pursuing bigger goals. So what’s funny about life? I’m a strong believer of what Somerset had said once

Its a funny thing about LIFE, If you refuse to accept anything but the BEST, you very often get it!

Somerset Maugham is a British Novelist, who is known for short stories and such deep meaning quotes on life.

Whether you are trying to crack an exam, build up your enterprise or just do something that gives you a sense of achievement and satisfaction, the road is never going to be easy. Its easy to accept what comes your way, but to reject and ask for the best is what requires a strong will and focus. Till you’re satisfied with the second best things, you will never get the best one! Once you start believing and putting your efforts to achieve the best, the things start to turn around. Everything gradually starts being in your favor, and you wonder, “Wow! This is what I wanted!”

Once you start seeing the things the way you want, it actually happens. This seems funny sometimes, but this is how life reacts, this is how you need to challenge yourself and aim for the best, so life is compelled to give it to you. It becomes the duty of all the energy around you to take you to your goal successfully.

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