Crazziness in a shell


Today, I wake up and see 

A different person in me 

A bit that was 

A little alienated from me 

But today I don’t disagree 

And I accept it as it should be 


Aren’t we all a little scared, 

of things we are not aware of? 

The things that are, Alien to us. 

But are we even aware of ourselves? 

Of the unexplored potentials in us. 

And do we, know ourselves? 


Often I surprise myself. 

Being confined by the walls I create. 

The walls that boil down

the moment I’m awake.


And I am left to ponder about 

Is there really a wall? 

The gigantic solid wall of limitations? 

Or just thoughts that hold me, 

hold me back.


How I’d believed I can’t achieve something beyond. 

Just because it was something untold? 

Wondering what resides on the other side. 

And who makes it there? 

Ones who are born on the flip side? 


But isn’t that a wrong way to abide? 

All of us are human after-all 

And between our actions and our thoughts, 

Aren’t we all off the wall? 


So this time, I stepped out. 

Out of my zone, and started to glide 

Without waiting for the right moment to arrive 


Unaware and unprepared, 

I fell, once, twice, 

But I get up and fly 

Slashing the clouds of doubt 

And it leaves me surprised 

That I’m not damaged, 

In-fact I enjoyed 

Rising above my own heights 


Estranged from my better self, 

I had lost my sight. 

Knowing your different sides, 

It’s not something to avoid. 

It made me stronger, knowing I had it in me 

All I had to do was, dare 

Dare to abide. 


And I woke up today, to see 

A different person in me 

A bit that was 

A little alienated from me 

But today I didn’t disagree 

I accepted my better self 

As it should have been. 

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