Crazziness in a shell

Ahh! The wandering mind!

Blooming flowers all around with a nice smelling Jasmine just behind, the world looked beautiful and so was the moment. Sipping some coffee and cuddling in someone’s arms, talking life and amazing future that was going to come!

A serene locality, perfectly suited for making up for the lost time, rejuvenate your relation and bring out the vibrant you! Dressed colorfully roaming around joyfully – a perfect vacation mood, it was just unbelievable, that I was finally able to keep myself away from my laptop for a while šŸ˜€

Ending the day with an awesome dinner prepared with my favorites Broccoli, Basil and Tomato, in an ideal setting with exotic plants around with a dim lighting. It truly was great spending such wonderful time, and retiring to my hotel room waiting for just the great moments ahead. Ahh! the feeling of being together, couldn’t help but imagine the touch, the kiss and just thinking would send a shiver down my spine. Such moments do not happen everyday, this was indeed special, lying next to him, waiting for him to come nearer, closing my eyes to enter into yet another world that’s exciting and sensuous.

And just as I began to feel the shrill, I just slightly opened my eyes, and to my shock and surprise, I was here, at home, in my bed! It was all just a lovely dream I had.

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