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How to always stay positive?

Staying positive is as important as staying alive. This is what makes your life worthwhile, so its crucial to pay equal attention to your mind’s cultivation of thoughts.

Well, many of you might be wondering as to how can I compare being alive and being positive. There is a very famous quote, “Some people die at 25, but are not buried until 75!”. If you reflect upon this quote, you’ll understand what happens when you stop being positive and happy, what happens when you just start living a monotonous pseudo safe life just for the sake of existing and fulfilling needs. Its like you’re already dead inside and only your body is living.

Stay Motivated - Pick yourself up and get back on the horse!

A happy person definitely achieves more in life and enjoys life as it unfolds, because all the energy of the universe will be attracted by his positivity. But how can you ensure that you always think positive? Here are five simple tricks to keep you motivated and positive always:


  1. Always do your work with your heart – whether you like it or not, but if you are given a duty to perform, do it well or do not do it all, for this will give you a sense of satisfaction inside, which will diminsh the negative thoughts inside you
  2. Don’t start your day thinking too many things – As you wake up, just relax your mind, unwind yourself in the fresh air breeze of the morning, and you will realize that every morning is more lovely than the other day. This will make your mind attract positivity and thing positive for all the day’s tasks you are going to do, which in turn will result in improved efficiency in your work.
  1. Always be nice to people around you – Even though at times, you need to be harsh at someone, but if you try and practice everyday to be nice to at least 9 out of 10 people you meet everyday, then things will start changing for you. Even if you are giving a smile to a person and you receive it back, you’ll be filled with a sense of happiness inside you. For a person who cannot be nice, can never be positive.
  2. Soothe your mind with music – Well, almost everyone loves listening to music, you know why? Because music has a rhythm, and this connects directly to your heart. So, the kind of music you hear on daily basis has a profound impact on your behaviour and thoughts. If you listen to lively, energetic and happy songs, you are more likely to be confident about achieving your goals.
  1. Practice staying positive – as it is said that everything becomes perfect with practice only, no matter how intelligently you deal with, but if you dont practice, you get nowhere. And this universe has a principle of duality, so for everything you’ll always find a positive and a negative aspect, so always try to focus on the positive of it, and ignore the negative. When you try this regularly, it will become your mind’s habbit, and eventually you’ll start seeing the world full of positives around you. And that changes everything in your life.


So, lets try to make the most of our lives, lets be always happy and spread the same. That’s one way of staying positive and youthful always.

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