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What to do when you don’t feel like doing anything?

There must be times when you felt like doing nothing? Do you think its something good? There is hardly any person who never felt like this, irrespective whether the person has achieved a lot of success in life or is yet to realize his dreams.

It happens with me as well at times, but all we need to do is think at the moment and speak clearly to ourselves. It is like we don’t feel like doing anything, but definitely we want to do things, we want to achieve, we want to be productive.

when you dont feel like doing anything

Start doing just anything

Yes, the mind is either in a restless state or is too lazy to even listen to you, but once you start doing something you like to do, without thinking, you’ll realize the difference in a few minutes. So, be it just writing or roaming around or drinking coffee, just start doing it and engage in a conversation with yourself. Start saying to yourself things like, What least I want to achieve today? What I should have done by the time I go to bed? What I would have done today if I was like a free bird? If I had complete control over my day?

Re-visit your to-do list

Check your to-do list for today and a week ahead, if its not created, start creating it now. If you already have it, then edit it in a way that you are able to see clear demarcation in terms of the “sense of achievement” derived from the tasks. So, immediately mark tasks done which you’ve already completed but not moved to done in the list, and also prioritize the smaller tasks on the basis of interest. This will make you feel the load is lighter on you now, and if you’re able to complete one or two tasks from that by the end of day, then you can definitely get back your lost spirit.

Exercise or Meditate

Get moving! Take some time and gear up your body for a bit of exercise, or meditate in silence for a while. As this is often left out in lieu of the work, but it is much needed for a healthy body and mind. It definitely makes your mind calm and you’ll be able to concentrate well on your tasks.

Organize your workplace

Sometimes cluttered up things around you make you feel dull, so get up now and try to rearrange the things around your and organize your workplace. Try making it cleaner and clearer, so your work desk looks fresh and you can draw some positive energy from it.

I’m sure these few things would be helpful for you in reinventing your spirit, if you feel there could be more ideas to this, feel free to mention it in comments.

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