Crazziness in a shell

Pick yourself up and get back on the horse

While surfing through the net one fine night, and being in a whirlpool of thoughts, I was having a fight with myself. Being a young entrepreneur, the challenges I face are obvious and so began my collection of good thoughts to keep myself motivated. I would like to share a few with you:

Stay Motivated - Pick yourself up and get back on the horse!
Stay Motivated – Pick yourself up and get back on the horse!

Pass the real test

– You pass the real test of your struggle, when you face a severe setback and you still get up, you still pick yourself up and get back on the horse

– There is not everything you can control, and certainly even when you do everything right, the results are not necessarily good, they can be worse. But that’s where you need to maintain your calm and keep doing efforts, better results will definitely come up.

Never give up!

– There are several moments, you feel shattered, you feel down, you feel like just giving up! But, take my words, its actually the time, you need to put in more than 100% and things will get streamlined. Opportunities will start coming your way and soon you will have an all new world full of achievements. But the race doesn’t stop here, there are still miles to go, which you can cover only with constant hard work.

– And the good old saying “Either change the situation, or change your attitude towards it” remains an inevitable quote. So, you either need enough will power and inner strength to mould the situations according to you or you should really change the way you look at your problems. When you change your outlook, you change your style, and ultimately you get on the right path towards success.

Realize the worth of your goal

– Well, to achieve anything you really need to have it in your mind all day all night. You need to have a passion, you need to convince yourself with the worth of your future victory. Having faith in yourself, in your aim and in your efforts are the three most important ingredients in your journey towards your destination.

– And at last, think of the reason why you started taking so much pain to achieve your goal and analyze why you should not put your 100%. When you realize the worth of your goal in your life, you tend to get attached to it from the core of your heart, and that’s where the change begins!! If you start to feel strongly for your aim, you can better work towards it.

So, next time when you feel low, just sit down and relax! And try to juggle up your mind and remember these few points, You will start feeling re-energized and better to restart with improved efficiency.

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