Crazziness in a shell

What to do when you don’t feel like doing anything?

There must be times when you felt like doing nothing? Do you think its something good? There is hardly any person who never felt like this, irrespective whether the person

The funny thing about life

Most of us have experienced this some or the other time in our life, whether in small things or when pursuing bigger goals. So what’s funny about life? I’m a strong

Yes India is progressing, but are we able to change our mindset too?

Its definitely not something new to most of the girls especially living in Delhi to hear something that compels you to rethink your situation in the society! It happened with

dark starry night

Dark Starry Night

As I wander in the soaring darkness of night, I wonder, why am I in this fight. The fight inside. Darkness seems to have taken over my good sight. Instead

Staying ahead of the curve

What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us –Henry David Thoreau We showcase to the world what we are composed

A diet for the mind and food for the soul

“A healthy mind breeds a healthy body and vice versa!” – Zig Ziglar In a world where a healthy and fit body is what everyone of us strives for, have

A walk through the gems of Coorg!

If you love hills covered with forests, spectacular landscapes, Lush greenery and breath-taking waterfalls, then Coorg is the perfect place for you. For me it was more than just perfect.

If you share the love for trekking, these destinations are a must for you

Heya! Travel lovers. We have travelled the world so far to so many types of locations with greenery and soothing air, to river sides and to metro cities with rapid


India is among those places which leave an impeccable mark in the directory of our memories once explored. Every year millions of tourists come to travel in the country to


Orchha the city of massive historical architecture, is situated on the banks of Betwa river and in the Heart of India. Orchha is overflowing with the archeological spots and bravery